Project on Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge Graphs in Supply Chain Management


Supply Chain Management is becoming more and more complex. This project aims to identify the Supply Chain Management challenges where Knowledge Graphs can support and help. Additionally, we will select elements such as vocabularies and engines that could be beneficial to manage at scale. The results of this project will guidelines for research.

Additionally, The Institute for Computational Intelligence, through UPB, is a member of the MIT Global SCALE (Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence) network. With our expertise in computational intelligence, we are the regional lead for research projects under the umbrella of “Data-Driven & Emerging Technologies” (DD& ET). As the lead on DD& ET research, we are developing research projects and are coordinating collaborations within the Latin American SCALE network.



Projects on Conversational A.I.

Conversational Assistant to support students at U.P.B.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new electricity that is revolutionizing all industries by automating all processes. As a result, companies applying AI are more efficient and reduce operational costs. One of the main challenges that companies are facing today is customer service. Excellent customer service, in which the customer receives the right information and support at the right time, is of paramount importance to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. This research project’s overall objective is to evaluate the latest advances, methods, and tools to build Conversational Assistants comparable to Google, Apple, and Amazon technology. These technologies include natural language understanding and dialogue managers. As a use-case, we will build a proof of concept to support students at UPB to frequent questions they may have. This project is focused on the Spanish language.



Past Projects

Data-Driven & Emerging Technologies in Supply Chain Management
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Demand Forecasting with Recurrent Neural Networks
Slotting Heuristics and Order-picking Efficiency in Warehouse Operations
The Political Anatomy of Computer Architecture