One of our core missions is to guide young Bolivian talent through the world of Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, we offer and mentor bachelor and master thesis, you can find below the list of thesis topics currently available at our institute.

Topics on Knowledge Graphs

1. Tools for creating Knowledge Graphs, including RML Mapping Editor, Vocabulary Management Systems
2.Creating Knowledge Graphs for different use cases, including Supply Chain Management, Healthcare, and Education.

Topics on Conversational AI

1. Question Answering System in Spanish
2. Entity Linking
3. Gamification of AI papers
4. Chatbots for different use cases
6. Automatic Speech Recognition for Spanish

If you are interested in taking one of these thesis topics please get in touch with us at diegocollarana@upb.edu, we will be happy to provide you more details about the thesis topics. You can contact us in Spanish of course!