In the same way that electricity and the internet changed the way we work and communicate, Artificial Intelligence is the next technology that will revolutionize the way we live. ICI has the vision to put Bolivia on the map of Artificial Intelligence research and development, by investigating, innovating, and applying I.A. state-of-the-art technologies to solve real problems in Bolivia and Latin America.



ICI’s mission is to contribute to the long-term development of resources in applied A.I. to solve fundamental socioeconomic and environmental challenges in Bolivia and Latin America. Therefore, our research and innovation aim to create a dual impact – in the development of future experts in artificial intelligence and in the ability to apply such methods to real-world challenges. Thus, ICI has three primary missions: 1) Research on different branches of Artificial Intelligence, 2) Create innovative solutions to solve complex problems for enterprises in Bolivia and Latin America. 3) Transfer technology to both young Bolivian talent and enterprises.


Research Areas


Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Companies need scalable solutions to transform high volumes of raw and heterogenous data into actionable knowledge. Knowledge Graphs provide a semantic layer to encode and harmonize enterprise knowledge spread on a myriad of data sources. More and more academia and industry are investing in making Knowledge Graph technology easy to adopt on different knowledge management scenarios. At ICI, we research approaches and tools to construct knowledge graphs, and we innovate graph data analytics solutions for enterprises.


Conversational Cognitive Assistant in Spanish

The advancement of Natural Language Processing (NLP) has increased dramatically, allowing us to have virtual assistants in our pocket (mobile apps). The need for conversational assistants to support our daily life is going to increase in future years. However, most of the NLP work is done in English, limiting its applicability in developing countries such as Bolivia. ICI research approaches building state-of-the-art conversational agents in Spanish, including Language Models for intent and utterance understanding, and Question Answering modules.